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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plagiarism Storyboard

Debra Morris
Walden University
July 9, 2011

·         Introduction:  (1 min 30 seconds)
The introduction of this video presentation will begin with me fading in before and after a small video clip (Timothy’s testimony)
I will say… “If you don’t think plagiarism is a serious issue in today’s educational world, just ask Timothy.  Listen to his testimony that follows.
After Timothy’s testimony, I will follow up with a comment (fading in) of my points.

·         Plagiarism Defined (30 seconds)
This section will begin with a brief drama defining plagiarism.
1.       Theft of words
2.      Purchase of words

·         Why we commit plagiarism (1 minute)
I will begin here with me discussing the differences of how plagiarism was committed yesterday and today.  Next, a student will be interviewed and questioned as to why he commits plagiarism.

·         How the student and teacher can prevent plagiarism (1 min)
We will observe through this video clip the steps one college student takes to prevent plagiarism, followed by a skit showing a teacher in elementary school teaching young learners about plagiarism and how not to fall into the traps of plagiarism.  Next, the skit will move on to a college instructor evaluating a paper submitted online by a student.

·         Consequences (1 min)
This clip will be an interview with a group of college students concerning accusations made against them concerning plagiarism crime.

·         Conclusion (1 min)
I will review the main points brought in this video clip along with expressions of appreciation for my actors.



  1. Hi Debbie. I love the video! It looks like you have the beginnings of an outline. Keep in mind, however, that a storyboard is visual representation of the visual elements you will have in your video. Ideally, every visual image is represented in some form. For example, if you will be shooting a video in a classroom, a still photo, drawing, or other graphic could represent the image of the classroom (that will be moving in the final presentation). Here is more information (that I will also post in the courseroom):



    Great topic!


  2. Thanks Dr. Powell. I love that clip also! Your post gives me a lot more direction. I wasn't sure exactly how this would all come together. Your post really helps.

  3. I loved the video clip as well. And thank you because you just cleared up some confusion for me:)

  4. Debbie - Great video! I am sure you can incorporate it in your presentation in some capacity. Plagiarism is a great topic which will work well in a presentation.